Did you know...

Have you been in an auto accident?

- Your auto insurance covers medical costs associated with collisions, no matter how

minor and no matter who is at fault! It is called MedPay.

- MedPay covers EVERYONE in the vehicle, not just the owner.

- Even if you FEEL FINE, injuries can and do occur in low-speed collisions.

-One of the most common injuries suffered in traffic collisions is the head/neck strain known as whiplash.

     -Whiplash may cause a stiff back, a stiff neck, nausea and dizziness, severe migraines, shoulder aches, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and pain that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms.

*However, minor whiplash (which still causes damage to the neck and spine) can cause absolutely NO SYMPTOMS at all!*

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