Welcome to our practice! 

 Gilbert is the office pup here at Pearl Street Chiropractic!  He was rescued as a puppy in January 2016 and has been the official office mascot every since.  He is a very mild-tempered puppy, even earning himself the nickname "Chill-bert".  Oftentimes, Gilbert will greet you at the door, proudly showing off a stuffed animal in his mouth.  That, or he will be sleeping...he does that a lot!

   Because Gilbert has been in the office since he was very young, he is great with children!  If you, or your child, are nervous with dogs, please let our staff know and we are happy to put him in his crate.  He loves it in there :)

                                                                                                    In his spare time, Gilbert enjoys belly rubs, playing fetch and

                                                                                                    barking at squirrels!

Meet Gilbert!

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