Chipotle Is Doing Away With GMO Ingredients. What's The Big Fuss With GMOs?

It's a crazy, mixed-up world we live in. Determining the origins and treatment of your food is no different. Your body builds itself on the nutrients you give it on a daily basis, and while our bodies are phenomenally resilient, it can only handle so much garbage before it starts to encounter problems.

Eating for health takes some guile, but doesn't have to be expensive!

The underlying concept behind GMO foods is rather harmless and nothing new. Humans have been selectively breeding crops for centuries to naturally withstand droughts, aphids, worms, fungi, etc..

However, it wasn't until recently that these crops have been modified to withstand pervasive use of herbicides (such as round-up), insecticides, pesticides, and other harsh chemical baths without dying.

These methods produce larger crop yields at lower costs. These crops feed our livestock, feed our children at school, and feed us. Having more food for less money is pretty awesome, right?!

The downside is that these chemicals become entrenched within the tissues of the crops and passed along to the next lucky consumer.

It means your 'all-natural' potato stew has loads of these chemicals in it,

that USDA-Choice Angus steak you grilled this weekend spent its entire life eating pesticide and anti-biotic covered corn,

and that farm raised salmon you bought for the healthy Omegas actually swam around in water saturated with toxic levels of these carcinogenic chemicals because of run-off from the nearby farm.

Unless you take care in choosing your food sources, you're basically consuming round-up with most every meal.

Just because it's legal to sell, distribute, and apply these chemicals does not make them safe. Simply take a closer look at how and why these foods reach your table and I am certain most people will implement positive changes!

This recent article posted on offers a little more insight on how certain foods receive their "Organic," "all-natural," "and GMO-free" labels.

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