Minor Collisions, Major Problems!

Hello! Dr. Brack here with Pearl Street Chiropractic. I wanted to take a moment to discuss an all-to-common occurrence in our fast-paced lives, the dreaded motor vehicle collision.

Unfortunately, this is something most of us will experience in our lives and I wanted to provide some answers and insight about how to keep a minor accident from becoming a major problem.

As a provider who works with these cases on a daily basis, I can assure you the sooner you address these concerns following an accident, the better. As a member of the great state of Colorado, many times you won't pay a dime to receive treatment for your injuries, regardless of driver fault or visible damage to your vehicle!

Wow, didn't know that? Are you aware of the tremendous benefits of chiropractic care following a collision? Let me explain...

How Does Chiropractic Help After A Car Accident?

Consulting a chiropractor following a traffic accident may be the right choice for many accident victims. After a traffic accident, there may be injuries that can’t be seen, even if you don't “feel” injured – back and neck injuries, herniated discs, misaligned vertebrae, headaches, and head pain. Delays in the onset of pain after a traffic accident are also quite common, not to mention joint injuries may cause a speeding up of the arthritis process. Chiropractors help the body to heal the ligaments damaged in whiplash and many of the other injuries linked to traffic collisions by adjusting misaligned vertebrae. Chiropractors will perform specific manipulations of vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or that fail to function properly -- easing inflammation and swelling and allowing the nervous system within your spine to function properly.

Can Slow, Minor Collisions Cause Serious Injuries?

Injuries can and do occur in low-speed collisions. One of the most common injuries suffered in traffic collisions is the head/neck strain known as whiplash. Whiplash causes injury to the head, neck, and spine; there are no “minor” head, neck, or spinal injuries.

When the neck muscles and tendons are stretched by a force beyond their natural range of motion, that person will very likely sustain a whiplash injury. Whiplash may cause a stiff back, a stiff neck, nausea and dizziness, severe migraines, shoulder aches, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and pain that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms. However, minor whiplash (which still causes damage to the neck and spine) can cause absolutely no symptoms at all!

Anyone suspecting whiplash should be examined as soon as possible because whiplash does not simply disappear over time. Instead, whiplash symptoms usually get worse, and a whiplash injury can permanently restrict the motion of the neck without prompt and effective treatment. Some whiplash victims will recover swiftly and fully, but for others, the pain can persist for up to several years.

Ok, you knew chiropractors helped with injuries, but I hope that clears it up. Now, i know you're still wondering about that whole "not having to pay a dime" thing. In Colorado, there is a state-wide program called "med-pay" that is used to cover the cost of medical treatment following auto accidents.

What is Med-Pay?

Med Pay is short for medical payment coverage. It is part your car insurance policy that pays for medical treatment after an accident. At this time Colorado has a mandatory med-pay law. This means you will have med-pay unless you sign a statement that says you do not want med-pay.

Med-Pay and Colorado State Law

Colorado has a law requiring that all automobile policies issued in the state include a minimum amount of Med-Pay coverage. This coverage is designed to provide a minimum of $5,000 towards medical expenses following a car crash. Examples of coverage include ambulances, hospital visits, urgent care, medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy. The amount of Med-Pay on your policy is the amount of coverage granted to each individual in your vehicle. For example, if you are driving the vehicle with two passengers and you have the minimum $5,000 of coverage; yourself and each of the other two passengers have $5,000 individually for coverage after the car accident.

Regardless of who is at fault!

How Much Med-Pay Should I Carry?

Medical payments after a car accident can be VERY expensive. The minimum is only $5,000 and costs approximately ~$25 in premiums for the year. The minimum $5,000 can be completely gone if you are taken by an ambulance to the hospital and end up staying a few hours!

I Have Health Insurance, Why Do I Need Med-Pay?

Personal health insurance has limits (as to which hospital you may use, what doctors you can see, what treatment you may receive and how often you may get treatment). You will have to pay for co-pays and deductibles.

Your health insurance will only cover you and your immediate family. Your health insurance will NOT cover other passengers in the car (like mom, dad, cousins, uncles, niece, nephews and friends!)

Your med-pay covers everyone in the car and does not have the same limitations as your health insurance. With med pay you are free to see any doctor you want! The doctors at Pearl Street Chiropractic are your friendly, local experts.

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